9 Things From 'Jurassic World' You Wish You Could Experience IRL

Raptor training ftw!

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1. Getting super hyped up as huge park doors swing open

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2. Feeling the anticipation build at every little crack while eagerly watching a dinosaur slowly hatch from its egg

3. Having a blast in a gyrosphere!

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4. Learning how to be a pro raptor trainer just like Owen Grady #dinowhisperer

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5. Seeing a T.rex with your own eyes and hearing that epic roar

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6. Getting splashed while taking in every glorious moment of the Mosasaurus feeding show

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7. Making friends with the dinosaurs and having one as your very own companion

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8. Going on a private dino safari and learning about all the different breeds while getting up close and personal with them

9. Soaring through the sky with the Pterodactyls

How cool would it be to actually be able to visit 'Jurassic World' IRL? One where you're in no danger from rampaging dinosaurs of course lol ;P

Universal Studios Singapore is having an exciting Jurassic World: Explore & Roar event from now till 22 August 2018 in their theme park!

From having 'real' dinosaurs roaming around, to a raptor training school and a cool AR area that let's you take selfies with dinos, and even some epic live performances full of stunts and surprises, there's just so much dino-themed wonders in store.

Click here to find out more and book your tickets now!

Psst, the SAYS team recently spent an incredibly fun day checking out everything Jurassic World: Explore and Roar has to offer, so look out for the video on our experience coming soon.

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