What Would You Do If The World Ends Tomorrow? Here Are 14 Ideas

We might have survived the Mayan apocalypse in 2012, but with the threat of extreme climate change and pandemic threats looming in the near future, we might be facing the end of days sooner than we thought. Before that happens though, there are some things you have to cross off your bucket list.

  • 1. "What? The world is ending? But I'm not ready to die!" Well, then. Sign up for a space program devoted to saving mankind. There has to be one... right?

  • 2. If, like many others, you have accepted your fate, then begin by eating all the things you've always wanted to. Feast on whatever strikes your fancy - Chinese, Indian, meatballs, you name it! If you're gonna die one way or another, might as well die happy and fat.

  • 3. Stuck in a job you hate? Well, here's the perfect opportunity to quit. While you're at it, make sure you do a little jig on the way out!

  • 4. Now that you're free from all responsibilities, go on that road trip you've been planning to since you graduated from college. Convince your friends to pile into your beat-up car on your way to nowhere too, because what do you have to lose?

    • Pro tip: If the flight systems are still working, you may want to break out that travel wish list you've been saving for your annual vacations. Make your way to Paris, Rome, New York, the middle of the Atlantic sea... wherever your heart desires.

  • 5. Get on your last roller-coaster ride as an alien from outer space. They may be laughing now, but you won't be the one regretting the decisions you made today because it wouldn't even matter tomorrow.

  • 6. Always wanted to skydive or bungee jump but too "chicken" to actually try? There's no better time than the present to forget your fears and just got for it!

  • 7. If you're not too keen about the outdoors, you can always plonk yourself on the couch and binge watch all the TV shows and movies you've missed until the end of days.

  • 8. So, you have a "rainy days" fund. You won't be needing it anymore. Go on a massive shopping spree or splurge on that sleek sports car you've been eyeing since forever. Your credit card debts are gonna be non-existent by tomorrow anyway.

  • 9. Right, spending all your moolah on material goods may not be the best idea. Donate some of it to the Earth-saving space program you didn't sign up for. It might be enough to buy you a seat to the life-sustaining planet far, far away.

  • 10. Oh, you still have some money left over. If you're feeling charitable, why not give it all away? It's not like you'll be needing it where you're going anyway.

  • 11. Make it a point to spend the last hours of your life with your loved ones. Make sure to tell them how much you love them at every opportunity. Or how much they annoy you. Just let it all out.

  • 12. It's not fair to have only humans running free and loose as Doomsday looms ahead. Head over to the animal shelters and let all the dogs out. Don't forget the cats and little critters too!

  • 13. Now that you've (almost) completed your bucket list, it's the perfect time to think back on the things you've done in the past - both good and bad. Decide to make amends for all the wrongs you've ever done tomorrow. Ha - tomorrow!

  • 14. The minute hand is drawing closer to midnight and you've done everything you can think of, but something is missing: a spectacular end-of-the-world party! Invite all your neighbours, turn the music all the way up... and just dance until the world ends.

  • As the survival of mankind hangs on a brink, the future of humanity is left in the hands of a group of space explorers as they scour the universe in search of a planet to sustain life. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar opens in cinemas on 6 November 2014.

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