You Can Now Remove Titles From Your 'Continue Watching' Row On Netflix

Yes, finally!

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Having titles you didn't manage or don't intend to watch anymore on your Netflix account's 'Continue Watching' row can be annoying

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Whatever the reason, Netflix's new 'Remove From Row' feature allows you to remove the titles you don't want to see anymore in that section

To simply use this feature, all you have to do is tap the three-dot icon next to every title in the 'Continue Watching' row. 

Tapping it brings up a menu of options you can choose from. The fifth option in the new menu should be 'Remove From Row', which of course is the option you've been waiting for all this time! ;)

Apart from the new additional feature, Netflix users have much quicker access to episodes and information about the title, and are able to rate the titles according to their preference.

This, of course, gives users a certain amount of control over the content they wish to see on their accounts.

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Currently, the new feature is available to Android users on both mobile and tablet.

A quick check by SAYS found that iPhone users do not have the option as of yet.

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Here are some titles you can stream on Netflix now: