YouTuber Of The Week: Durian Splits, Filmmaking Problems And The World Of TricycleTV

This week, we take a look at the boys of TricycleTV who, despite being relative newcomers to the YouTube scene, has managed to produce one of Malaysia's most viral videos of 2014.

Cover image via Facebook: Tricycle TV

From Jinnyboy and DanKhoo Productions to The Ming Thing and The Userguide Productions, the local YouTube scene is - undeniably - booming with engaging, 'buatan Malaysia' entertainment.

Now, adding to the mix of talented filmmakers are Jason Goh, Joshua Chiam, and Eric Lim of TricycleTV with their engaging shorts and super relatable videos

According to them, starting up TricycleTV was a spur-of-the-moment decision conceived over teh o' ais limau.

"A bunch of us were always talking about ideas for videos, and suddenly one of us just said, 'Come on guys, let's just wing it! What's there to lose?' And that's how it all started," they said.

While Jason, Josh, and Eric fronts TricycleTV's dynamic trio, TricycleTV wouldn't be complete without Wee Liem, who has acted as the team's "behind the scenes guy" since day one.

TricycleTV first entered the YouTube scene with horror short 'After 8: Never Work Late' and has since gone on to produce several other shorts and real-life Malaysian-inspired skits

Most recently, YouTube coined their World Cup-themed video 'Typical Malaysian Football Fans' the second most popular and top "viral" videos of the year in Malaysia!

The trio's newest video, 'Car Secrets' perfectly illustrated the weird things we do in our car... right down to our inner road rage

If you're one of those people (e.g. Android users) who've always wanted to kick iPhone snobs off their high horse, this video is made just for you

Most of us don't even notice the background music when we're watching a movie, but when it goes wrong... #FilmmakingProblems

Combining the viral popularity of Disney's Frozen and the selfie monopod trend, "Do You Wanna Take A Selfie?" shows you how to turn down your selfie-obsessed friend's overzealous selfie-taking efforts

Remember when Channing Tatum tried to defy the laws of gravity by parodying the infamous Volvo Split video? Now watch how far one would go to avoid falling onto a pile of durians!

TricycleTV's videos have also featured some local personalities such as the folks of local band An Honest Mistake, Jeremy Teo of Red FM, and The Ming Thing in a future project, so watch out for that!

With the ever-growing local YouTube scene, the trio noted that the biggest challenge they face is in terms of creating content that stands out from the rest

"Our biggest challenge is to actually break out of the mindset of a typical local Youtuber. Creating content which stands out is what we're always have to face with," they said.

But don't let that stop you, aspiring YouTuber, from going ahead with your dreams. As the boys put it, "Never think that because there are already existing ones that you won't be able to succeed."

"Believe in yourself, enjoy what you do and make lots of friends," they added.

You never know for sure what the boys of Tricycle TV are going to come up with next, but if amusingly poignant and relatably hilarious videos are your thing, go ahead and subscribe to them HERE!

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