YTOTW: Getting To Know Jenn Chia Of That Crazy Bra Lady Video

In this edition of YouTuber Of The Week, we managed to sit down and talk to Jenn Chia, best known as the "Crazy Bra Lady". Don't know what we're talking about? Step inside...

Cover image via So I'm Jenn via YouTube

Jenn's YouTube journey started a long time ago. Back in 2009 when rock bands were ruling the charts, Jenn posted her first video on YouTube, an original song called "I Can't Find The Light"

Darian: When and how did you start your YouTube channel?

Jenn: I would give you a year when it started but I am going to be mysterious and coy. It all began when I found out that my phone had the capacity to record videos. So, instead of taking the usual self-portraits, narcissistic me decided to create many self-portraits in a form of a video; and it had to be me singing one of the most morbid songs I’ve ever written called, I Can’t Find The Light – it’s about death. I was at that age where being emo was cool; so I’ll let you work out the year I decided to start my YouTube channel.

Six years later, the multi-talented emcee, producer and copywriter takes the leap to become a full-time YouTuber. Yay!

Darian: Are you a student? A full time YouTuber? A secret superhero in disguise?

Jenn: I’m in the transition to becoming a full time YouTuber this year, which is almost as exhilarating as being a superhero (and I would like to be Batman... if I could ever be rich enough, smart enough, emotionally tortured enough and man enough.) Currently, I’m a freelance copywriter/producer, emcee, singer and a voice-over talent.

But behind the camera, she's just like your average young female adult. You can spot her drinking coffee in a cafe while taking selfies. But before you make fun of her, you got to know she's one mean kickboxer...

Jenn: My hobbies: Meeting new people and learning their life stories, kickboxing, taking selfies, reading while having a hipster cup of coffee, and mostly sleeping. A secret talent: I’m secretly an introvert who has the talent to appear extraverted.

Her channel contains a mix of both vlogs, music covers, and sometimes both! In "Life as a Malaysian Musician", she hilariously describes the struggles of being a musician in Malaysia

Jenn: My channel consists of both music (originals as well as covers) and shameless vlogs aimed to entertain and to share my views about life around me.

Her favourite video (and ours too) that she made was "That Crazy Bra Lady". Why? It was spontaneous, relatable and somewhat personal...

Darian: Which was your favourite video to make and why?

Jenn: It has to be “That Crazy Bra Lady.”
(1) The scriptwriting for the video was completely winged so it is as genuine as it gets;
(2) I literally told the YouTube world my bra size;
(3) It was as relatable as it was educational to both male and female viewers.

So where does she get her inspiration from? According to Jenn, it's from people like you and I! Most of her videos are inspired from everyday occurrences, which relate to a lot of people

Darian: What inspired you to make videos?

Jenn: What started off as a platform for me to share my originals and cover songs became a stage where I could put on a persona and express thoughts that were derived from personal experiences and the observations of the environment around me. Somehow, some found my videos (both music and vlogs) relatable and sometimes entertaining... which was more encouraging and fulfilling than taking self-portraits.

So to answer your question, what inspires me to make videos: people. That barista with the hipster beard making the finest/hipster-est coffee, the girls properly dressed up taking selfies at an oddly scented restroom in a mall, that friend who can’t stop flexing his intimidating biceps, my mom being my mom, my ex being an ex, and the rest of the world I have yet to encounter. People inspire me and continue to inspire me.

When we asked whether if it's mah fan for her to make videos, she replied with a resounding no. "Making YouTube videos is cooking without having to wash up".

Just like lying down on a car is not mah fan

Image via So, I'm Jenn via Facebook

Darian: Do you feel making videos is a chore now that you depend on it for content?

Jenn: No. “Chore” is THAT part of having to wash up after cooking a lovely but tiring meal. Making YouTube videos is cooking without having to wash up.

But that doesn't mean it's all rainbows and butterflies. One of the biggest challenge for her is to find time for YouTube, especially since she has work commitments.

Must. Find. Time. To. YouTube.

Image via So, I'm Jenn via Facebook

Darian: What’s the biggest challenge you currently face as a YouTuber?

Jenn: Finding time, especially since I’m working from day-to-night-to-day. I am still fine-tuning my time management skills as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Jenn disagrees that she's one of the few female YouTubers in Malaysia. She believes that there are more out there that have yet to hit "upload" and will make more videos to encourage them to do so.

Darian: You’re one of the very few female YouTubers in Malaysia. Do you feel this is the case? And if so, what can be done to encourage more 'girl power' in the scene?

Jenn: I believe that there are many female YouTubers in Malaysia; perhaps they have yet found the courage to hit the “Upload” button. This year, I will attempt and aim to make more videos with hopes to encourage other girls out there to express themselves through the wonderful world of YouTube.

After all, "What is the worst that could happen? Bite the bullet and hit 'upload'."

Darian: What would you say to someone who is aspiring to be a YouTuber?

Jenn: “What is the worst that could happen? Bite the bullet and hit ‘Upload’.”

And you never know what kind of opportunities that may land on your lap once you upload that video. For Jenn, she received a job offer solely because an employer found her funny.

Jenn: There were many; although this is not the craziest but I’d say the oddest: Getting a proper corporate job offer solely because of the videos I make on YouTube. The employer said to me, “You very funny ah... we need some funnies in our office.”

If you've recorded videos and still have doubts uploading them fearing negative comments, Jenn says the best way to deal with them is just to ignore them... while eating delicious red velvet cake. We couldn't say it any better!

Jenn: There are haters not just on YouTube, but also around every corner of any space. There is a hater living within each of us. It is the character defining moment how we react to our inner hater. Some choose to feed it with bites of phenomenal Red Velvet cake, others choose to ignore it, and there are those who feed their inner hater with anger pills, consequently letting it take over their psyche and spilling it all over YouTube comment sections. There were quite a few angry comments in my vlog “Credit Card, sir?” which is a comical rant about promoters in Malaysia that was meant to be a joke. My theory is, haters don’t understand jokes because they have not been fed heavenly Red Velvet cakes, so the only way to handle it is to feel bad for them and ignore them while you enjoy a bite of that heavenly Red Velvet cake.

If you have doubts about her, she promises she can make you laugh here...

Darian: One reason Malaysians should subscribe to your channel?

Jenn: Because I can be quite funny and entertaining due to my innate ability to have no shame.

"I already subscribed to her but she never post anything in awhile lah". Don't worry, Jenn has got some exciting stuff lined up so do watch out for it!

Darian: Any future projects or videos that’s coming up soon?

Jenn: I will be recording my first single called “Apple Pie” tomorrow. Expect an awesome music video by the beginning of March. In the meantime, there will be some vlogs coming right up.

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