YTOTW: Kuma Films, The YouTube Channel That Features Crazy, Unique Talents

From solving Rubik's cubes with one hand to coming up with tricks for spinning pens, this channel has it all.

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Todd Robins and Joe Robins are brothers from Salt Lake City, Utah and are behind the YouTube channel Kuma Films

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They travel around the world to find people with unique and cool talents, just like this video of a contact juggler which gathered 1.7 million views!

The brothers aren't afraid to mash up both pop culture with sports, just like this video where Pikachu from Pokemon does parkour...

Even mundane activities can be turned into something epic by the channel. Remember spinning pens back in high school? These two boys take pen spinning to the next level...

And if you can't skateboard, don't worry. You can just fingerboard. It takes less effort and it may get you 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Viewers of this channel means you get to see a whole new world of niche subcultures, such as these kendama professionals...

A one-handed Rubik's cube master

Or even this guy riding a human hamster wheel

You'll be amazed at the vast talents people have, such as this amazing professional bubble artist. Blowing bubbles into bubbles. How do you even do that?

So if you love discovering more unique talents these people have, why not check out Kuma Film's channel here?

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