Yuna Just Spoke In Spanish To Her Fans & Now Everyone Wants A Latin Song

¡Qué bien!, señora Yuna!

Cover image via @yuna (Instagram) & The Hive

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On 25 January, Malaysian songstress Yuna surprised fans by showing off her Spanish skills in an Instagram Reel

"Progreso de un mes! Necesito mas practica. One month progress! I need more practice!" Yuna captioned her video, as she glided through the language asking fans for questions to answer.

The questions received were of her plans to tour Latin America in the future, and of her cats. She subtitled her videos so fans could follow along too.

"You're a natural!" — Comments praised Yuna for her fluency despite only a month into picking up the language

Yuna's newfound skill has received well-wishes from Latin fans, hoping that she will continue to pursue the language. Some fans even teased for Yuna's future releases to be in Spanish or have collaborations with Latin artistes. 

One comment reads:

"No way! So you speak a language fearlessly. Good pronunciation, Yuna. When's your Spanish album? Or at least collaborations."

Another fan commented:

The Spanish text reads: "But Yuna, please... a song combined with a few words and rhythms in Spanish!! Ahhh Malaysian and Latin beats? Ooo"

Another fan expressed their admiration for Yuna's efforts and called the singer an inspiration for being brave in speaking the language after just a short period of learning. Yuna responded by showing support to the fan and encouraging her to keep trying.

Yuna's latest album, Y5 was released 11 November, 2022, with 17 songs. This is the first full-length album of her "Y" series, that was released as singles last year.

I wonder what other talents our musical princess has up her sleeve. We look forward to that Spanish song, Yuna!

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