YTOTW: Give Yuri Wong 15 Seconds And He'll Come Up With A Video So Creative It's Addictive

In today's YouTuber Of The Week, we feature Yuri Wong, a talented musician who has so much to offer besides making music remixes. Check out some of the stuff he does both on YouTube and Instagram below!

Cover image via Yuri Wong

Yuri Wong may not be a name familiar to you but we assure you, he is a musical genius

Yuri was actually the guy behind the remix of the "Listen! Listen!" incident in 2013. The remix went viral and has close to 1.4 million views.

His remix was so popular that it was even used as a case study for a student's academic paper in a university!

Image via kualalumpurpost

Yes, serious. You can read the student's entire paper here.

Remixes aside, Yuri has been generously showing just how versatile he is, in the form of 15-second songs uploaded on YouTube and Instagram

You see, Yuri isn't the average joe sitting in front of a webcam singing covers. He makes music with things that are in no way sophisticated instruments. Like Scrabble tiles...

P.S. Can you read the sentence Yuri has secretly placed in the video? Hint: It has something to do with penguins...

The pages of a magazine...

And your regular straw that instantly becomes a vuvuzela for the next big football match...

See what he did here to 'Negaraku'. We especially love the 8-bit part!

And of course, there's no escaping the Internet without the use of cats...

And their distant cousins, the lion

For some of his songs, Yuri worked together with other personalities, such as Ming Han from The Ming Thing...

And with Fuad, the frontman of Kyoto Protocol, when they thew us back to a nostalgic trip to the 90s

Yuri even got the help of his wife Xandra Ooi to do a ukulele duet with him. How sweet!

BONUS: If you didn't know already, Oh My English's theme song was composed and produced by Yuri

Yuri usually updates his Instagram once a week and his YouTube channel usually has compilations of his covers every now and then. Follow his Instagram or his YouTube channel here.

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