Posing With Statues: How These 10 Humans Redefined Cheekiness!

Ever wondered how to make a statue come alive? These pranksters show that there are a myriad of cheeky ways to liven up a sculpture.

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This woman who has taken the male statue all for herself, pushing the statue of approaching girl away

PDA ;)

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This man who transformed this relatively staid staute of a cupid into a hilarious comic tableau


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This man who turned this statue of a goddess into an interactive exhibit

High five!

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This woman who climbed into the arms of this staute of bear to make it seem more lifelike

It's Alive! :D

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This baseball fan who is left in pain thanks to this aggressive statue at the Cincinnati Reds' stadium


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This girl who brought out an unlikely eve-teaser in this unassuming statue

Tapping it! :D

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This man who whipped his shirt off to close resemble this overweight statue!

The sincerest form of flattery!

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This woman who shows she looks shocked but pleased to be caught in a compromising position with this statue


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This man who appeared to have found a true friend at the end of a long and tiring night


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This man who posed with a statue of a giant moose and manoeuvered himself into an X-rated pose


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