13 Everyday Things That Malaysians Can't Stand - #Geramnye!

From taking up too many parking spaces all the way "system down" at government offices, we take a look at other things that make Malaysians so geram.

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1. When you see people park like this:

2. When you're in the Smart Tag or Touch-N-Go lane and the driver in front reverses because his card won't read

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3. You're hungry, you're craving for that delicious nasi lemak 45 minutes away. You drive all the way there through the traffic only to find out the place is closed.

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4. You're at the mall on a weekend. You're rounding the area for that one parking spot. You finally see one! You hurry towards it but someone reverses into it just before you signal...

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5. Crying babies in the cinema

6. You're walking in a hurry but the couple in front of you is like...

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7. When your phone's data credit runs out when you need it most

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Unless you have a certain kind of data plan that keeps you connected even after you've run out of data.

8. When you order your food BEFORE the people seated at the next table, but they get their food first!

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9. Your bill arrives. Surprise! There are hidden charges you knew nothing about and it's too late to back out.

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10. You plan two weeks in advance for that outdoor trip. Everyone can make it! Awesome! The day arrives, and it rains. Like crazy.

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11. Speaking of rain... Manchester United and Liverpool are playing. You're watching the game and then the CLOUDS GET IN THE WAY.

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12. When you're lost and the road signs are hiding behind the pokok!

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13. Two words: "SYSTEM DOWN"...

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Too many #geramnye moments in your life? Some are easier to solve than others. Hotlink has an antidote to your data plan frustrations here