13 Reasons Why Goats Should Take Over Cats As The Animals Of The Internet

There is no such thing as the year of the cat, no matter how popular they are on the Internet. It's 2015 folks, the great year of the goat.

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1. Goats can do parkour. Just look at the graceful goat jump over a fence like a boss.

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2. Goats sound like Oprah Winfrey. We kid you not.

3. Goats make music sound so much better. Just ask Taylor Swift.

4. Sure, Grumpy Cat may have a movie but do they have a game where you play as a goat? "Goat Simulator" is a beautiful work of art according to reviews. Take that cats!

5. In addition to Goat Simulator comes "Let it goat", the BETTER version of Flappy Bird. After all, it is has a goat in it.

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6. In San Francisco, you can actually rent a goat to eat away your grass. Just imagine getting our local kambings to chew away our unwanted lalangs.

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7. Goat puns are so punny that they put cats back to the litter box.

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8. Goats have personality. They can hold a decent conversation. Here's a goat talking about video games.

9. Skylar Grey has a hit song about goats. It's called "Kambing Home".

10. You can actually take goats on joyrides. Try doing that with a cat.

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11. Cats always get stuck in trees. Goats purposely climb trees.

12. Cats hate getting wet, but goats "bleat" the water by surfing on top.

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13. Last but not the least, G.O.A.T stands for "Greatest Of All Time". That just says it all.

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