15 Things A #PenangKia Has To Say About Other States (And Their Food)

Penangites are really proud of their island, aren't they?

1. I'm sorry, but your laksa is not the real laksa

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2. Ipoh is A BIT like Penang but Penang is better

3. Our Chief Minister is THE BEST

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4. Eh! How did you grow up without going to the beach?

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5. Juice for RM6? Penang RM1.50 only lah!

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6. Roti canai for RM1? Penang RM0.80 only lah!

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7. I'm not kiasu. I just want to get the best deal.

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8. Don't simply put "Penang Famous" this, "Penang Famous" that

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9. The curry in our nasi kandar is nicer. Really wan.

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10. Your durian buffet cannot fightlah. We get 'ang heh', D15, D600, lipan, 'horloh', all fresh from Balik Pulau.

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12. Melaka cendol is okaylah, not bad

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13. We never said Penang was famous for Bak Kut Teh

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14. Our Hokkien is three times more muhibbah: mata, tuala, sabun, kahwin!

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15. Think KL drivers are bad? Heh, heh.

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