18 Awesome GIFs To Make You Wish The Nights Were Much, Much Longer

Put on some light instrumental music and lose yourself in these stunning night time scenes.

Cover image via YouTube: gradient lok

The moon rises high up in the night sky...

... Bathing a sea of clouds in its ethereal glow

Image via Simon Christen

Stars from light years away are spread across a wide expanse of space... a lone shooting star streaks across the Milky Way (make a wish, everybody!)

But in this day and age, the sight of natural starlight is a rare occurence

Image via Simon Christen

Illumination from modern lights and electricity have dramatically reduced the visibility of stars in the night

Image via Boutiq'

As the day gives way to night, Kuala Lumpur erupts into a landscape of colourful lights...

Image via Rob Whitworth

As does the city of Seoul, South Korea...

Image via ClarissaAsk

... and downtown Dubai

Image via Dimid

One can't deny the wonders of the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas...

Image via Giphy

... Or when the Eiffel Tower lights up an fireworks erupt across the sky in Paris on New Year's Eve

It's actually pretty calming to watch the night time traffic on the streets of New York City

Image via Ultralinx

The prospect of being caught in the rain does not seem too bad either

But hey, there is always beauty to be found in times when the lights go off

Image via daleknek

Don't you wish you could escape to the serene waterside of Lake Wakatipu?

Or rent a cabin in the far-off lands of Norway to capture the aurora borealis?

Wouldn't you agree that nature's beauty shines best when the lights go off?

Turn your lights off for an hour this 28 March 2015 from 8.30pm onwards as part of the worldwide Earth Hour movement. It's time to make our stand for climate change and a better future for our planet.

Get more information about Earth Hour and make your individual pledge here.

Environmental awareness begins at home, which is why you should know that there are only approximately 300 Malayan tigers left in the forests of Malaysia:

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