8 Dos & Don’ts During CNY For More 'HUAT' In 2016

These do's and don'ts are believed to bring prosperity to you and your family. Which do you already observe?

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DON’T use foul or taboo words that could be unlucky

The Chinese believe that any word that is deemed negative or bad such as the Chinese word for four, “si” which can also mean “to die” should be refrained in its usage. According to the elderly, if a person uses a bad word especially at the start of a new year, it can bring negative effects to him or her for the rest of the year.

DO use more positive words!

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Instead, words such as “happiness” and “prosperity” should be used frequently on the first day of the brand new year because the Chinese believe that words carry tremendous amount of power in them.

On another note, the Chinese word for eight, “ba”, which sounds similar to the Chinese word for fortune, “fa” is considered the luckiest number in their culture. See what we did there with our headline?

DON’T lend or borrow money

Just like point number 1 above, if one practises this on the first day of the new year, one will be experiencing this for the entire year. Infact, if you’re in debt, try to pay everything off before the new year starts.

DO bring appropriate gifts when visiting that are considered lucky or prosperous

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And don’t be stingy in giving them! Among the gifts that are recommended are fruits such as oranges and apples which both symbolises fortune and safety respectively.

And of course ang pow if your host has children! It is a must for those who are married like me to bring the red packets and give it to the young ones goes to a corner and cries.

DON’T sweep the floor or clean the house

Why? When one sweeps the floor and dumps trash on new year's day, the Chinese believe one is sweeping and throwing away the fortune and luck out from one’s home. On this day, the elderly usually advice to keep away all the brooms in the storeroom.

DO spring cleaning BEFORE the new year

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If you cannot clean your house on new year’s day, then when to clean? Before lor! So weeks before the new year arrives, the Chinese usually clean their homes thoroughly. Many believe that by doing so, they’re ridding themselves of all the evil clutter and at the same time setting up ample space to welcome in fortune and luck into their home.

DON’T be antisocial

It is a time of merry making and not sitting in a corner and munching on a Mandarin orange, alone by yourself. The Chinese also believe that one should not cry during this auspicious occasion.

DO make amends

Instead, this is the best time to talk over things and iron situations out. Just like the Muslims who practise forgiveness during the first day of Hari Raya, the Chinese too somewhat practise this through the traditional Chinese tea ceremony where the children pour tea for the elders.

DON’T eat these food in the morning

Depending on certain customs in some households, eating rice porridge in the morning is considered inauspicious as eating such food would prevent one from getting rich. This is because back in the old days, the poor could only afford rice porridge. Some households also do not recommend eating meat as the gods who arrive in the morning are vegetarians.

DO start the day with something sweet

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By starting the year tasting something sweet, it is believed that the year will bring much good news to you.

DON’T wash your hair on new year’s day

Why? The Chinese word for hair sounds like their word for wealth therefore many of the elderly do not recommend washing your hair on the first day of the new year as it is akin to washing away your wealth. Some also don’t recommend cutting nails as it is considered to be cutting away one’s fortune.

DO Groom and look good

Soft and silky...

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If you’re thinking of getting a new haircut, do it BEFORE the new year arrives to look presentable. This is also when many purchase new clothes to be worn on the auspicious day.

DON'T close doors and windows

Closing your doors and windows on new year’s day is considered inauspicious as wealth and fortune would not be able to flow in. It also gives the impression that you are not being welcoming.

DO make a lot of noise!

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The Chinese tradition believes that by making ample amount of noise, one chases away the evil forces lurking in the household. This also explains why many Chinese households use firecrackers to usher in the new year.

DON’T go black

Or even wear white as both colours are considered inauspicious and are used by those who are mourning. You also don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb during family reunion dinners!

DO go red

And decorate everything in your house in red and gold as both bright colours are believed to set the tone for the rest of the year. Some folks wear everything red from the colour of their hair to the underwear they’re in. Basically it’s best to surround yourself with everything red!

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