15 Things We Use Daily That Should Totally Be Made Of Kevlar

Don't ask why. Ask, why not?

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When you think of Kevlar, you're probably thinking of a bulletproof vest but it's more than that. What exactly is this magical material?

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Kevlar is simply a super-strong plastic. If that sounds unimpressive, remember that there are plastics—and there are plastics. There are literally hundreds of synthetic plastics made by polymerization (joining together long chain molecules) and they have widely different properties. Kevlar's amazing properties are partly due to its internal structure (how its molecules are naturally arranged in regular, parallel lines) and partly due to the way it's made into fibers that are knitted tightly together.

Now wouldn't it be great if these everyday items were of Kevlar material:

1. With Kevlar-coated cups, even the Thor smash won't break it

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Cups will not only be Thor-proof but childproof as well.

2. Those plastic forks and spoons that break when you eat your fried chicken? Problem solved.

3. Knives will be so strong, they can cut through bones like jelly

4. Kevlar-coated plastic bags means there's no need to double bag when you go shopping

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Even the heaviest stuff won't pierce through, unlike with those useless thin plastic bags.

5. Imagine if there are Kevlar-coated tires to protect your wheels from Malaysian potholes

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Actually, we're in luck because they do exist already. We're looking at you, Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus.

That's right. Kevlar, used in military grade equipment, adds extra strength and protection for your wheels. With Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus, they have a higher resistance to harsh road conditions and can offer longer mileage. These tires can take you up to 100,000km – that’s like going to Penang from KL 274 times! Made with the best material and technology, you can bet these bad boys will take you far and wide. As if that's not enough, your drive is completed with another layer of protection by Goodyear Worry Free Assurance to cover against irreparable road wear. You won't have to worry about a thing when you're on the road, except where to go for your next road trip.

6. Your phone will get the best protection from a phone case made from Kevlar

Throw it from the 10th floor and it'll still be in one piece.

7. Better yet, coat the phone itself with Kevlar and it'll be indestructible

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Imagine a Kevlar-coated Nokia 3310...

8. The remote control won't break from being tightly gripped by your family's couch potatoes

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9. Your curtains are gonna be impenetrable by the sun rays, oh yeahhh!

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No more getting woken up by those annoying streaks of sun rays!

10. Robbers won't be able to slash your backpack to steal your things

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11. Luxury handbags will also last forever like yasss

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12. Throw your alarm clock against the wall and it won't even break

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We're still deciding if this is a good or bad thing...

13. Video game consoles could use a bit of help especially when it comes to super 'enthusiastic' gamers

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14. When you sit on your glasses, your butt will break, not the glasses

15. Hell will probably freeze over before your shoes split

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

Maybe by 2030, these will all be a reality.

Meanwhile, this man thought of a genius way to create adjustable, expandable sandals that will 'grow' with the kids: