[PHOTOS] SAYS' 10 Best Christmas Trees... That Are Not Trees

Got tired of seeing too many overtly-decorated pine and fir trees? We've compiled a list of beautiful and quirky alternative Christmas trees -- some of them are not even trees -- for you!

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A Cafe In PJ Had Too Many Plates And Mugs, So They Decorated Their Christmas Tree With It

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You May Not Want To Stand Near This Toilet Scrub-Decorated Christmas Tree

Toilet scrub Christmas tree.

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i-City Lights Up The Night With Christmas Trees Made From LED Lights

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The Biggest Alternative Christmas Tree Is Made From Children - 852 Of Them From Thailand

This 'break' the Guinness World Record as the biggest human tree.

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The Folks In Penang Think Real Trees Are Too Mainstream, So They Made A Christmas Tree Out Of Books

Maybe This Bookshelf Belongs To A Messy Person, But It Sure Looks Like A Neat Christmas 'Tree'

Bookshelf tree.

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A Piece Of Advice: Don't Let Any Hungry People Near THIS 'Tree'

Strawberry and chocolate Christmas tree.

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Go Green And Build A Tree Out Of Recycled Wood!

Wood logs tree.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle And Make A Tree Out Of Recycled Beer Bottles

Beer bottles tree!

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A Bunch Of British Students From Hartlepool Took Creativity To A New Level And Made A Chemistree

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