Trust Malaysians To Turn This Serious Photo Of Azmin Ali Into A Hilarious Meme

It all started with an innocent phone call.

Cover image via Twitter

Yesterday, 22 May, Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali posted a photo on Twitter to share the news that he is working closely with a Singaporean Minister

Despite his cheerful caption of the Twitter post, the Selangor MP looked straight ahead with a deadpan expression in the photo.

Since then, netizens have been using Azmin's tweet as a witty response to various scenarios:

1. When it's your first day at a new job but people are still calling for the guy who worked there before you

2. When you embarrass yourself in front of someone you really wanted to impress

3. When your brother who contested against you in GE14 calls

4. When the US President gets you confused with that brother who contested against you

5. When McDonald's has the nerve to put you on hold

6. When it feels like the person on the other line is testing your patience on purpose

7. When your favourite Lionel Richie song comes on

8. If former Prime Minister Najib Razak replied Azmin, this is what one netizen thinks he'd say

What other scenarios do you think Azmin's photo can be applied to? Let us know in the comments below!

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