Baby Ring Bearer Falls Asleep On The Job At A Wedding In China & All We Can Say Is 'Same'

Aspiring to be this unbothered in life.

Cover image via Daily Mail Moms (Facebook)

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A hilarious video of a baby boy falling asleep while performing his duties as ring bearer at his parents' wedding recently surfaced on Facebook

The video, uploaded on 4 October on the Daily Mail Moms Facebook page, has since gone viral with 401,000 views and 7,500 likes on Facebook.

The video captured the hilarity that ensued at a wedding in Yichun, China, when the little boy rolled up on the aisle in a life-sized toy asleep.

Even when other family members of the couple tried to jostle him awake, the little boy kept on sleeping and ignoring the chaos surrounding him. King behaviour.

One of the family members pinching the baby's nose to wake him up.

Image via Daily Mail Moms (Facebook)

He did, however, wake up for a split second to show just how displeased he was at being woken up so inconsiderately.

His complaints seemed to have worked as the adults gave up and decided to let him continue his beauty sleep.

Me too, kid... me too.

Image via Daily Mail Moms (Facebook)

In the end, family members had no choice but to push the little boy in his toy car down the aisle so he could finish his task

With his eyes shut tight again, some helpful family members pooled together to push the tired baby towards his parents at the altar.

And this is why it's not a good idea to assign babies to tasks like these. Because when a baby wants to sleep, they WILL sleep.

Family members pushing the sleepy boy down the aisle.

Image via Daily Mail Moms (Facebook)

And because I find this baby incredibly relatable to us in life, here are some situations that this baby represents us perfectly:

1. When a voice tells you to buy everything in your shopping cart but you're trying to survive until the end of the month

2. Waking up mad because our parents decide it's a good idea to start vacuuming the house at 7am on a Saturday

3. Groupmates doing all the work while that one useless groupmate contributes nothing

4. You and your friends smiling and taking pictures of a random oyen sleeping on a sidewalk

Watch the hilarious video in full below:

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