Balik Pulau's BM Wikipedia Entry Reads Like A Sci-Fi Novel

The city is located "in the inner part of the Phantom Zone" where ancient entities such as "Dajjal are confined".

Cover image via Wikipedia & Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

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Editor's Note: This story has been updated with Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu's response.

This just in, Balik Pulau does not exist

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At least not in the same "dimension of space and time" that the rest of the country does, according to its Bahasa Melayu Wikipedia entry

The BM Wikipedia entry for the town further explains that because concrete proof of the existence of Balik Pulau has yet to be found, "many people call Balik Pulau 'The Forbidden Land'".

Reading like a sci-fi novel, the entry goes on to warn that Balik Pulau is located "in the inner part of the Phantom Zone" where "ancient entities that threaten the existence of the Earth" such as Dajjal dwell

According to the Wikipedia entry that was last modified on 9 September last year, the town "has a mysterious energy fence that prevents ordinary individuals from entering Balik Pulau".

Not just that, if anyone tries to oppose this energy fence they will "disappear from the face of the earth and will be questioned" by an individual named "Babu Anjay" who is "the head of the Galactic League".

The GIF is representational of this SAYS writer's reaction.

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Meanwhile, in its history section, the BM entry goes on to state that while "ancient scriptures say that Balik Pulau was once an island that existed in normal space and time like ours", it all changed in 1277.

What happened?

A physicist named "Boss Y" found a way to conduct electricity and produce modern technology. He made modifications to his y17 motorcycle, replaced its motor engine with an "infinite light energy engine".

"The modification produced a very strong electromagnetic wave that broke the dimension between space and time, causing the existence of Balik Pulau to be a mystery and exist outside our dimension."

Fun fact: We think this particular line, "Dia menggantikan enjin motornya dengan enjin tenaga infinity kuasa cahaya (He replaced his motor engine with an infinite light energy engine)" is a BoBoiBoy reference.

Wait, what's going on really though?

It seems someone is clearly having fun with the BM version as Balik Pulau's English entry is fine.

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In the external links section of the entry, the website leads to a public Facebook group called At the time of writing this story, the group has more than 52,000 members.

The group's about section specifies that it is only for the residents of Balik Pulau.

The discovery of this sci-fi version of Balik Pulau was an accidental one as this SAYS writer was trying to look up information about the town following allegations against the Permatang Pasir assemblyperson.

The BM entry has gone through dozens of edits since 2013 and one of the version includes a sentence that says "Farah Syazwani I Love You"

Upon checking the revision history of the entry, several such edits have been made before.

There's one that calls it "The Village Behind The Buttcrack".

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Following the publication of the story, editors of Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu said they rectified the entry.

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