22 Best Memes That Showed Up When We Googled 'iOS7'

iOS 7 has been released and the Internet is flooded with memes about the same. Here are some of the most hilarious (and innovative) memes that showed up when we Googled 'iOS 7'.

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1. Why iOS 7? Here's why:

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2. How is Al Gore reacting to the iOS 7? Like this:

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3. Did you say iOS 7 has new design? You mean more like spew design:

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4. Think the iOS 7 design is funny? Here it is explained:

iOS 7 funny design concept explanation!

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5. Grumpy cat reacts to iOS 7

6. Now, that's a tough one!

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7. iOS 7 Copies Windows with a "flat" UI

8. So what if Apple copied Windows?

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9. Here's what will happen when Apple finds out that you found a Jailbreak for the iOS 7

10. Now, that's a great joke!

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11. Think iOS 7 is an innovation? Naah:

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12. Seriously?

13. The sad fact about black iPhone 5 users:

14. The reason why Jony Ive spoke in the iOS 7 video so sloooooooooowly:

15. Here's what will happen after the iOS 7 reveal

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16. After being called an Android fanboy for criticizing iOS7

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17. Think the iOS 7 is more like Android? This meme sums it up perfectly:

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18. They have finally cracked it!

19. Ermahgerd..

20. WATCH: What happens when Hitler found out about iOS 7

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21. Damn right!

22. Because...

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