These 13 Plot Twists Prove Asians Are The Best Trolls On The Internet

Something to be proud of ;)

Cover image via SAYS/jendzd

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1. When this guy showed off his incredible strength

2. This ping pong skill level that can only be Asian

3. These girls who ran into an unexpected treat

Was that... a bucket of... fried chicken?

4. Such a sweet, pretty girl <3

Image via jendzd
Image via jendzd
Image via jendzd

5. It was an accident and he meant well but...

6. It's so bad, it's good

7. This could have ended a lot worse

8. These tweets from @jonnysun that won't end the way you expect

9. This guy who unexpectedly redeemed himself

10. There is no redemption for this guy

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11. This basketball trickshot has so many unexpected twists, you will never guess what will happen next

Image via nigahiga

Watch the full video here!

12. We can't forget the trolltastic Pakalu Papito

13. Well, they did tell him to be careful

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