11 Reasons Why You Will Never Rise To The Level Of Teh Tarik Master

Bow down to these masters!

Cover image via ZiQin Yong/YouTube

1. You'll never be as elegant as a gazelle yet as precise as a sharpshooter like this man

Image via iwtbm/YouTube

2. Good luck trying to nail those perfect ballerina-like spins without spilling a single drop

3. His silat master-like poise will have you shaking at your knees

Image via jmh667/YouTube

4. Only he can keep his cool with flying hot liquid in front of his adoring fans

5. Seriously, don't even think of attempting this. Unless you want some serious case of third-degree burn.

6. Now this is what we call putting the 'tarik' in teh tarik!

Image via a9fc/YouTube

7. Your faint heart is just shouting NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.

8. Sorry, but you don't meet the requirements to join this awesome club

Image via ceebg/YouTube

9. You will never reach this level of tea whisperer

10. You will realise you have some serious trust issues unlike these ladies...

11. ...and men

Sometimes it's best to take the back seat and leave it to the professionals...

Why struggle to make your own when you can enjoy a cup of teh tarik for only a whopping 5 cents this 31st August at Teh Tarik Place!

Image via Teh Tarik Place

Teh tarik, oh-sweet-and-sedap teh tarik for 5 cents only. Make sure to plan your week right and get ready for an extra sweet and frothy 31st of August this coming Merdeka!

We must say, Asian hawkers are pretty darn impressive: