Boy Wows Hannah Yeoh With His Ability To Recognise M'sian State Flags & 139 Country Flags

Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh called Aavyn Eliseus Ng an "impressive fast learner".

Cover image via Erica Ng (Provided to SAYS) & Hannah Yeoh (Facebook)

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A two-year-old boy has recently impressed Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh with his ability to recognise all the Malaysian state flags, as well as the national flags of 139 different countries

Aavyn Eliseus Ng is only two years and nine months old, yet he proudly holds the title of 'Most International Flags Identified By A Toddler In One Minute', as recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR).

The boy with an adorable bowl cut hairstyle achieved the feat on 3 August at MBOR's headquarters in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Although Aavyn can recognise 139 country flags as of now, MBOR put a one-minute time limit on the challenge.

"Aavyn's best record was identifying 48 international flags in one minute.

"But during the record attempt, he did not make it to 48 flags, probably because he was excited with new faces and wanted to play with the officers.

"However, he was able to identify 40 international flags in the end, which was the benchmark of the title," his mother, Erica Ng, told SAYS when contacted last month.

After Aavyn won the title, Erica reached out to Hannah Yeoh's ministry in hopes of getting her to officiate the title-presentation ceremony

On 15 August, Erica received a reply from Yeoh's personal assistant, and they arranged for Aavyn to meet the minister on 28 August at Menara KBS, Putrajaya.

Before officially receiving the title, Aavyn was put to test one last time. In addition to naming 139 country flags to Yeoh, he also named the flags of Malaysia's 13 states and three federal territories, in the spirit of Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia.

Impressed by Aavyn's feat, Yeoh presented the 'Most International Flags Identified By A Toddler In One Minute' title to him, and called him an "impressive fast learner". Representatives from MBOR were also present at the ceremony.

Below is a video of Aavyn showing Yeoh his skills:

Erica told SAYS that she discovered Aavyn's passion for flags when he was two years and five months old

"Aavyn used a very short period of time to memorise the flag each time I introduced new flags to him," she shared.

One time, Aavyn even recognised several flags on a television screen while his great grandfather was watching badminton matches, Erica told The Star.

The mother said she spent three months introducing 100 flags to her son, and an additional two weeks training him to answer more quickly for the record attempt.

Here are other record holders, as recognised by MBOR:

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