[QUIZ] How Good Are You At Spotting #NoFilter Photos?

It's trickier than you think!

Cover image via @anie_songe (Instagram)

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Can you tell which of these 15 photos have #NoFilter?

Hours spent scrolling through Instagram could have given you the ability to differentiate between Instagram and VSCO filters but just how good are you at spotting their presence?

We recently tried out the new Huawei P9 phone, and put its camera (and you) to the test. See if you can tell whether these photos have had preset filters applied or were shot raw with the Huawei P9 camera. Edits made to brightness, saturation, camera settings, etc. still constitute as #NoFilter.

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Not as easy as you thought huh? How many did you get right? Let us know in the comments below! :)

And in case you haven't guessed already, all of those #NoFilter photos were taken with the Huawei P9! Guess it really can produce some gorgeous and breathtaking shots.

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