18 Things Only People Who Love Chicken Too Much Will Understand

You're gonna want to eat chicken after this.

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1. When friends can't decide between steak, ribs, lamb chops or fish, and you're like...

"Should I have this chicken or this chicken or that chicken?"

2. Friends always asking “Don’t you want to try something else?”

You're polite the first time but when they keep insisting... JUST STAHP! I want my chicken!

3. People assume you're broke 'cause chicken is almost always the cheapest thing on the menu


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4. People think you're trying to be healthy but you just REALLY REALLY like chicken okay?

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The fact that its a low-calorie option just makes it extra awesome! #doublewin

5. People complain that you're boring

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It's delicious, you guys!

6. Your friends make fun of you for loving chicken so much

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"Uh, no I'm not."

7. Your parents tell stories about you...

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8. You don't understand when people say you won't be full eating chicken

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That doesn't even make sense! -_-

9. You consider chicken nuggets as both an acceptable snack and an entire meal

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10. All-you-can-eat chicken buffet? Yes please!

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11. While other people crave for desserts...'re just fantasizing about devouring more chicken 'cause there's no such thing as too much chicken!

12. A light snack in bed looks like this

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13. You don't see the problem with chicken-flavoured snacks

Why all the hate? Anything chicken must be good!

14. When you find someone who loves chicken as much as you do...

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...they become a friend for life. No questions asked.

15. Who needs flowers when you can receive this?!

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16. Fried, steamed, grilled, baked... it's still yummy!

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It's just so versatile!

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