20 Of The Coolest And Most Unique Taxis Around The World

This Delorean taxi is sure to bring people places!

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1. Flex your masculinity with this tough looking Hummer taxi in Houston, Texas

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2. If you're in the UK, it's pretty common to see the iconic black cab, but have you seen a Lotus taxi?

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3. Calling all pink lovers! This taxi in Mexico is for you!

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4. In most countries, getting in a Maybach is hard. But in Soviet Russia, the Maybach taxi gets you!

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5. If you're concerned about the environment, hop on this solar-powered taxi in Hamburg, Germany

6. This tricked out motorbike taxi in Australia will get you through tight spots. Just hope it doesn't rain!

7. People from Oman know how to do things in style. We hope the taxi fare isn't as luxurious as the car!

8. If you're ever in Tokyo, you'll definitely need to give these Kawaii taxis a try

9. We think we've found Herbie repurposed as a taxi in Mexico City!

10. You can fit your entire extended family and your pet dog in this cute taxi in Prague

11. In Malta, the taxis look a little like golf buggies...

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12. In Cuba, get from A to B in this retro looking cab. It’s called the Coco taxi!

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13. If you're ever late for work, you can count on this Porsche in Germany to get you there pronto!

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14. You don't have to worry about traffic with this water taxi in Auckland

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15. Hop on to this repurposed sidecar motorbike in Shanghai, China

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16. Remember those Little Tike cars? You can travel in a similar looking cab in Peru

17. "Kenya get on this bike? I can take you anywhere!"

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18. If you think driving on the road is too mainstream, you can always take to it to the skies in New York City

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19. Or you can go back in time with this Delorean cab. Also in the Big Apple.

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20. And lastly check out this super cool Tesla Roadster cab in Oslo, Norway

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