Crazy Russians Turned Their House Into A Swimming Pool Because The Weather Was Too Hot

In Soviet Russia, the pool swims you.

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The city of Oryol, Russia is experiencing summer right now and temperatures can reach up to 34 degrees Celcius

Things can get hot in Russia.

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You can't afford a trip to the seaside in the hot summer weather - so you make your own swimming pool at home.

So some boys in Russia decided to fight the heat by turning their house into a functional swimming pool

"Chilling out."

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That's what these Russian teenagers did yesterday, creating a fully-functioning water park in the living room of their flat in the city of Oryol.

With the thermometer set to hit 34 degrees Celsius in Moscow on Aug.1, two Russians have come up with a novel way of battling the heat: turning their living room into a private swimming pool.

Using 'polyethylene film and tape', the boys wrapped the entire house before filling it with water

The boys use tarpaulin to wrap their entire house before filling it with water.

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With temperatures reaching an uncomfortable 34C outside, the boys used only 'polyethylene film and tape' to transform their carpeted lounge into a swimming pool several feet deep.

Photos uploaded to social networks show the boys bathing in the homemade paddling pool, which was constructed using a basic tarpaulin and held in place by Scotch tape, technology information website Onliner reported Thursday.

Social media users were both amused and concerned as a small tear to the film could allow the water to seep through electronics

Social media users questioned the danger as electricity and water do not mix.

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As well as posts congratulating the boys' creative way of keeping cool in the summer heat, there were others who branded them 'idiots'. 'The water is about half a metre high, which means it is about half a ton for every square metre. I wonder if their neighbours will gather altogether to give them a good lesson?,' one said.

The boys, who hail from the Oryol region about 350 kilometers southwest of Moscow, where temperatures rose above 30 C this week according to the weather bureau, were seemingly oblivious to their unconventional setting as they posed for pool snaps amongst a radiator, some curtains and a chandelier.

'I hope the electric plugs are way above the water level,' another added, while a third person said: 'I hope they cut their nails really well before going inside...what if they break the film

Others questioned how the water is going to be drained, especially since the boys stayed at a flat

It is not immediately clear if the boys had permission from the property owner to build the makeshift swimming pool.

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As well as the potential risk of the ultra-thin polyethylene film splitting or the floor giving way under the weight, another potential sticking point was how the boys are going to get rid of the water. Such a large amount of liquid would normally require a pump to remove and it seems unlikely the teenagers would have ready access to such heavy-duty equipment.

It is not immediately clear if the boy's had permission from the property owner to build the makeshift swimming pool, but given the risk of serious damage, it seems highly unlikely. That may be reason why, despite being happy to pose for photographs, the boys have refused to reveal their names or the exact location of the flat.

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