Remember When We Used To "Ponteng Sekolah" To Play These Cyber Cafe Games?

Sorry not sorry, teacher.

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Ask any guy you know and they would probably tell you that they have - at least once - skipped class for cyber cafes

Many of us couldn't afford to play games at home due to the prying eyes of our parents and there was no way we could afford a laptop then.

Whether it was through peer pressure or out of curiosity, there was one undeniable appeal that drew so many boys (even some girls) to cyber cafes: the huge catalog of games

*heart eyes*

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This is the reason why nobody spends only 5 hours in a cyber cafe. You either go 10 hours or you go home, bro.

Although many of us have grown out of these games, they're still a whole lot of fun! Below we list down some of the best games we've all played during our younger years:

Approach with caution because you might start getting your hands on these games and fall back into addiction. ;)

1. Counter-Strike

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Sometimes referred to as Counter-Strike 1.6 to distinguish it from other titles of the series, the game is set in various locations across the globe (de_dust2 is the best, no question), the thrilling FPS title requires players to choose between the counter-terrorists and terrorists.

The two teams are tasked with defeating each other by the means of either achieving the map's objectives or eliminating all of the enemy combatants.

"Fire in the hole!"

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The game gave rise to competitive gaming, or what we know as eSports today. It also taught us our first lesson in money budgeting. Buying a rifle ain't cheap, especially B46!

2. StarCraft

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Choosing between the noble Terrans, the ever-evolving Zerg or the godlike Protoss, this real-time-strategy game set off the explorer and risk taker in all of us.

Released in 1998, Starcraft has been praised as one of the most important games of all time.

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People still play competitive StarCraft until today and it’s not out of nostalgia. StarCraft was an unusually balanced and challenging game that won hardcore fans with its competitive multiplayer modes.

For those of us who were n00bs at this game, you probably had a cheat sheet next to you every time you played.

3. Half-Life

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Half-Life is an interesting game. The game stars this bad@ss physicist trapped in an underground research filled with strange creatures, traps, and perplexing puzzles.

Everyone wanted a crowbar after playing this game.

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Not only is it a well-designed action game, it’s much weirder than you probably remember.

4. Diablo II

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The high-intensity mechanics which have been emulated but rarely topped by other games over the years have proved that the Diablo franchise is here to stay.

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Diablo II is an action-packed click fest. Watching the animations as dozens of monsters explode, searching for better loot, and levelling up have become standard fare since then.

5. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2

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Hands up if you still remember the theme song of the game! War has never been so fun, colourful, funny, and interesting.

The Soviets have invaded America and it's up to you to defend it! Red Alert 2 offers a large selection of infantry, ships, and tanks to keep your game plan on point.

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Tesla coils FTW.

6. WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

Before the words "World Of" were added, WarCraft was a game where orcs and men battled in a top-down strategic format. Similar to StarCraft (both games are from the same company, Blizzard), the WarCraft universe involves harvesting materials and sourcing gold to build empires.

Sadly, we may never get another WarCraft real-time-strategy game. :(

7. Ragnarok Online (RO)

Known as "RO" to many, Ragnarok Online is a fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) heavily influenced by Norse mythology and set in a sprawling world. Choose from a myriad selection of classes and defeat monsters, engage in PvP battles for territory, and compete for prizes and awards.

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This MMORPG is truly a classic. Many players, including yours truly, had the chance of running their own private servers. And we're totally ok with putting in 10 hours a day in maintaining them.

8. Gunbound

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Softnyx's Gunbound is an artillery strategy game where players take turns firing their Mobiles to destroy enemies. Each Mobile artillery machine, commonly called Bots, has three moves and a unique way of firing. Players must move, use items, aim, and fire to take advantage of terrain and weather in order to claim victory.

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Many players relate to this game due to its mechanism which is very similar to the infamous Worms franchise.


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Carnage, blood, gore, and a tonne of weird aliens - the perfect recipe for a thrilling FPS game. DOOM needs no introduction, the game set new standards for what to expect from a shooter, not to mention helping pave the way for the FPS genre in general.

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A wide assortment of colorful weapons (including the notorious double-barreled shotgun) and an even wider selection of demonic enemies made this trip to the afterlife worth taking.

10. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Ah, GTA: Vice City, the game that gave us the freedom we never had. A throwback to the 80s where neon lights, pastel suits, and mullets were all the rage. No other games were as liberating and therapeutic as the GTA games. Bad day at school? Your girlfriend ditched you? Turn to GTA for your daily dose of catharsis.

4 stars? No problem, just hide in the bushes! The 3 helicopters above your head won't notice.

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Getting into trouble has never been so much fun.

11. Age of Empires II

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Age of Empires II is one of those timeless games that'll never go out of style. Educational and challenging, the game taught us history, economics, and human resource through its intricate and complex gameplay.

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First released in 1999, the game was so loved that an official HD edition was released in 2015.

12. FIFA 2002

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The gameplay on FIFA 2002 was noticeably slower and more deliberate as compared to the previous titles. Players behave even more like human beings than they have in the past - taking a few moments to gather in passes, accelerating slowly, gaining momentum in their first few steps, and ultimately losing steam toward the end.

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It's a sad fact that most of us won't ever be any good at football, but the best games can take you into a fantasy world in which you're a world beater. FIFA 2002 was that game.

13. Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit

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The best part about this game was the "Hot Pursuit" mode where you played as a speed demon racing against other cars while evading the police. You could also play this mode as a police officer, or jump into multiplayer for some fantastic fun.

Let's not forget the awesome soundtrack too!

14. MapleStory

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This game blew up HUGE among the PC gaming community back in the day because it had very simple mechanics and was easy to pick up, but had a lot of content you could play for years.

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The mixture of cuteness and a serious RPG feel had harmoniously mixed itself into one interesting game and MapleStory still remains as one of the most addictive online games to date.

15. Quack II Arena

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Fast-paced, thrilling, and straightforward, the game play on Quake III Arena is so fast that if you take your eyes from the screen for one second, you'll end up in a pool of blood.

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As its name promises, it is focused on arena combat, with small to medium maps with various environmental features, damage, speed, health and armor boosts, as well as weapons.

16. O2Jam

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O2Jam was unlike any other online game because it doesn't involve bloodshed or warfare. Instead, music is the game's source of entertainment.

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A rhythm game with a twist, O2Jam is a refreshing take on the genre, because this game allows you to jam along with buddies online, from anywhere in the world. Earn money, gain experience, and buy items to customize your avatar and do battle with other people

What a trip down memory lane, eh? The games today are cool but they'll never be able to replace these classic old-school games in our hearts!

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Those long hours spent at the cyber cafe were all worth it.

What were your favourite cyber cafe games growing up? Let us know in the comment section below!

Can't get enough of vintage games? Good news because you could play some of them on your browser!

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