Which Joker Did This To An AIA Billboard?

Somebody is in trouble.

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Once in a while, we would have a good laugh when we stumble upon billboard advertisements that are funny or brilliant.

Just like this one:

Image via Facebook

Netizens were tickled when they saw the image above which has been circulating on the Internet, as the advertising billboard by insurance company AIA had apparently included the word 'ganja' (marijuana) in it.

The billboard in the image above reads, "Pilih Sihat. Dapatkan Ganja", which means "Choose to be healthy. Get marijuana".

While many had a good laugh, it has been revealed that the billboard was digitally-altered

Image via Facebook

It appears that someone thought that it would be funny to apply some Photoshop magic to edit the image, changing the text "Pilih Sihat. Dapatkan Ganjaran" (Choose to be healthy. Get rewarded) to "Pilih Sihat. Dapatkan Ganja".

Unfortunately, the pranksters involved may be in trouble

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has condemned the act of those who are responsible for editing the image, thus causing misunderstanding among the public and damaging MBPJ's reputation.

Speaking to Malay daily Harian Metro, MBPJ corporate communications director Haniza Abd Hamid hoped that the public would not be easily duped and spread the image under the assumption that it was real and that the billboard had been approved by MBPJ.

She also reportedly said that the stunt appeared to be geared towards smearing MBPJ’s reputation.

Some have called for these pranksters to be charged to teach them a lesson.

So, if you thought it's funny to alter the images, don't do it guys! :l

Image via Giphy

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