9 Grandparent Types: Which One Do You Think You'll End Up Like?

Even if you don't know which you'll end up like, do you know which you don't want to end up becoming?

1. #TipTopShapeGrandma - You spend most of your time working out and never strive for less than perfect

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2. #GamerGrandpa - You clock in gaming hours on a daily basis and have character accounts people are begging you to sell

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3. #TranceDanceGrandpa - You live, breathe and eat electronic dance music; you can also shuffle, do the tecktonik and liquid

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4. #BrutallyHonestGrandma - You have no patience for nuisance and are not afraid to speak your mind

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5. #RiskTakerGrandpa - You jump at the chance of taking the front seat of roller coasters and wouldn't go for anything that doesn't come with an adrenaline rush

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6. #CuriousGramps - You have a strong need to know how things work and possess an inquisitive mind

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7. #DisapprovingGrandma - You find it hard to accept the atrocities of the world

Disapproving grandma, for illustration purposes only.

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8. #GangsterGramps - People tread carefully around you and know not to mess with you, OR ELSE...

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9. #ComebackQueenDrummerGrandma - You go absolutely KA-RAY-ZEE at concerts and play at least 3 instruments

'Rockin' grandma drummer'.

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Don't want to see yourself become the unenthusiastic grandparent? WATCH THIS:

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