Digital Illustrator Uses AI To Turn Malaysian States Into Cool & Badass Characters

According to the artiste, he used multiple state emblems so each "character" would be distinct and accurate.

Cover image via @jkcreativeworks05 (Instagram)

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In an ever-evolving world of digital technology, some of the most useful tools have been created to enhance our very understanding of where machinery can take us into the future.

Among those include the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

Using a detailed series of creative tool systems through AI, digital creator Jinesh Kumar recently generated an imagined version of the different states in Malaysia

Posted to Kumar's professional Instagram page, he captioned his creations by writing, "What would it be like if Malaysian states turned into characters?".

Here are all the 13 Malaysian states created by Kumar, in alphabetical order:

3. Kelantan

4. Melaka

5. Negeri Sembilan

6. Pahang

7. Penang

9. Perlis

10. Sabah

11. Sarawak

12. Selangor

13. Terengganu

In a brief conversation with SAYS, Kumar explained that he used different prompts for each state according to their respective emblems, including state animals

"The images were made using an artificial intelligence programme called Midjourney," he said to this SAYS writer.

Describing this method of creating these pieces as "Prompt-Art", Kumar stated that he provided a different description for each state. After keying these styles into the prompt generation, the images were transferred to Adobe Photoshop for alteration and minor photo manipulation, before moving to Adobe Lightroom for the colour correction process.

Sharing his intentions when creating these pieces, Kumar stated that he sought to use art to bring his imaginary world to life, as well as promote the beauty of Malaysia's traditions, culture, and all the remarkable things that make us known.

"I hope the public understands the importance of knowing our identity, which creates positive emotions such as pride and love towards our country," he said.

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