Dr Jason Leong And JinnyboyTV Release PSA For Those Who Are Scared Of Getting Vaccinated

The short film titled 'The 3 Ghosts' has since been viewed over 69,000 times.

Cover image via Dr Jason Leong (Provided to SAYS)

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It's only understandable that we all have countless questions and concerns about getting vaccinated

Hearing or reading about all of the side effects and which vaccine to take are all valid worries that are probably weighing on most people's minds.

To help those who are uncertain during this time, Dr Jason Leong teamed up with JinnyboyTV to release a recent public service announcement (PSA) video about the importance of vaccinations and why.

The short film titled The 3 Ghosts is a story of an elderly mum, who is hesitant about getting vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine

Madam Tan, played by Louisa Chong, gets haunted by the ghost of the past, present, and future, led by scriptwriter and stand-up comedian Jason Leong.

Produced by Aspect Ratio Studios, a Jinnyboy founded company, The 3 Ghosts has garnered over 69,000 views on Facebook and YouTube since its release on Saturday, 12 June.

Leong shares that his main goal for the short film is to spread awareness about this crucial issue and hopes that the public would share it for the sake of the country.

In the comments, many have responded in agreement with the video's message

One person even jokingly asked Leong if he could appear in his mother's dreams. 

Watch the short film here:

If you still have concerns, here are some things to take note of before getting vaccinated:

Worried about going for your vaccination alone or want someone to accompany your parents? These places can help:

There are plenty of freebies and discounts to enjoy after you've been vaccinated: