You'll Only Relate To These 18 Things If You Passed Your Driving Test In Malaysia

The bukit.

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1. Feeling super excited when you sign up for driving school and receive all the buku undang and CDs and stuff

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2. Then immediately feeling super demotivated when you realise there are like 500 questions

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3. Stressing out during the undang exam because if you get 8 questions wrong you FAIL

4. Waking up at the break of dawn to sit through the 6 hour ceramah

5. Just as it's ending, they bring out the slides with all the car accidents to traumatise you

6. You definitely have a story about the Kancil you practiced in...

7. No power steering liao

8. Car confirm mati a few times lol

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9. That grinding sound the first time your try to change gears

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10. On the day of the practical exam everybody is super nervous

11. Watching the many, many people roll down the bukit and stressing out that it could be you next

12. Revving the engine like a crazy person to ensure you lepas

13. Memorising the formula for the parallel parking

14. When it's your turn to go for the on-road test and you see the line of cars

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15. Being extra nice and smiley to the examiner even though you're insanely scared

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16. Pulling your seatbelt extra loudly and purposely fiddling with the mirrors so you confirm get those points


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18. When you finally lulus at the end of the day, you feel like a total boss

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You've probably come a long way (and driven a long way!) since you got your driver's license