Here Are 22 Foods In BM You May Have Been Spelling Wrong All This Time

We dug out our Kamus Dewan for this!

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Here's a list of foods that you've probably never known the official spelling for in Bahasa Melayu (BM):

These spellings are legitimate according to the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka (DBP).

1. Kuetiau

Image via Fried Chillies

Many were left conflicted last year when finding out that flat rice noodles are actually spelled as 'kuetiau' in BM, not 'koay teow', 'kuay teow', or 'kuew tiaw'.

2. Mihun/bihun

Image via MyResepi

No, it's not 'mi hoon' or 'mee hoon'.

3. Nasi himpit

Image via Cookidoo

Most of us know these steamed rice cubes as 'nasi impit', but we did not know they're officially called 'nasi himpit'.

4. Serondeng

Image via

We were also convinced that meat floss was definitely spelt 'serunding' in BM!

5. Bergedel

Image via cookpad

These delicious potato-stuffed balls are actually called 'bergedel', not 'bergedil'.

6. Popia

There is no 'h' in 'popia'. Only stir-fried turnips and other goodness.

7. Bubur caca

Take note that this dessert is not spelt 'bubur cha cha', guys.

8. Putu mayang

It is also known as putu mayam or idiyappam in English or Tamil.

9. Tose

DBP recently pointed out that the formal spelling for thosai in BM is 'tose'.

10. Martabak

11. Capati

Image via Foursquare

It's 'capati'. Remember this formal spelling if you ever need to answer an exam paper.

12. Roti perata

This all-time favourite order is formally spelt as 'roti perata', and not 'roti prata' as we think it is.

13. Tanduri

Image via TripAdvisor

14. Nasi beriani

15. Susyi

Image via Healthline

We bet you did not know that there was a different spelling for sushi in BM!

16. Wafel

Image via Freepik

As with many borrowed words from English, waffles are spelt 'wafel' in our national language.

17. Sandwic

Image via SBS TV

18. Kroisan

Image via Freepik

The spelling of French and Italian foods in BM can also get really different from what we expect. Take note!

19. Lasagne

20. Spageti

Image via Freepik

21. Bifstik

Image via Freepik

'Bifstik' sounds like a really cute word compared to beefsteak in English!

22. Kopi O beng

Image via Wordpress

Interestingly, this was the only kopitiam drink order that was in the dictionary.

Let's keep practising spelling our beloved food right in Bahasa Melayu! :D

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