9 Things People Did With Drones That Will Make You Want One Too

Besides flying it obviously!

Cover image via SAYS/Capungaero

1. Take the best damn aerial landscape photographs ever

Image via Capungaero

No animals were harmed in the process of this picture.

Like seriously, the best

Image via postandfly
Image via Heny W.

2. Take drone wefies instead of using selfie sticks

Image via Jericsaniel

3. Record ridiculous videos from the air

4. Deliver snacks directly to your friend's bedroom window

Image via Arnott's Shapes

Think awesome munchies like Arnott's Shapes ;)

5. And get your food delivered via drone

6. Grab your friends and face off with a drone race

Image via Herve Pellarin

7. Create awesome shapes with drone light paintings

8. Express your artsy side with your drone and paint

Just check out the finished product!

9. Synchronize drones with your friends to perform ballet under the stars

Using more than 20 drones and 16,500 LED lights, Sky Magic Live created a Drone Ballet Show with Mount Fuji as its backdrop. Ridiculously cool.

Who knew you could create so much art with drones?

If you'd like to see your art masterpiece photographed by a drone and win awesome prizes, grab your friends and join the ChampionShapes intercampus contest.

All you have to do is create a masterpiece using only Arnott's Shapes boxes on your campus grounds.

Your completed artwork will be photographed and filmed using a drone, then uploaded on Facebook where the public can view and vote for you!

Get the full contest details here.