Pikachu & More Quirky Costumes We Spotted In The Sea Of Yellow At Bersih 4

With their impeccable fashion sense and great enthusiasm, these Bersih 4 fashionistas might just make it into the Malaysian Fashion Week!

Cover image via New Straits Times

1. Yellow Spider-Man

Taking Bersih’s theme color to the next level, this rallygoer wore the ultimate superhero Spiderman costume, but in yellow of course.

Photo by Muhd Zaaba Zakeria

Image via New Straits Times

2. Pikachu

The general rule was to show solidarity by turning up in anything yellow, so this Bersih supporter turned up as Pikachu.

3. Ultraman

Since we found a Marvel superhero strutting the streets of KL yesterday, it’s only fair that we include heroes from our Asian counterparts and guess what, we got lucky as one was spotted in Kuching Bersih 4 rally!

Ultraman spotted at Padang Song Kheng Hai, Kuching

Image via Astro Awani

4. DIY Man

While the rest were clad in store- bought costumes, this guy decided to be original and create his own outfit of the day.

Image via Ken Wei, SAYS

He resourcefully accessorised his costume with two 100 plus bottles secured on both his left and right shoulders and stuck a Malaysian flag in his trusty rice cooker helmet. From the looks of it, he’s probably a ‘Go Green’ supporter too.

5. Middle-Eastern Donor

Now, this costume really hits the mark on the scandalous RM2.6 billion 'donation' received by PM Najib Razak.

This Bersih 4 supporter was clad in a white robe with a keffiyeh, a red and white plaid, square scarf draped over his head.

What really got the point across was the mock cheque he was holding. The rakyat are obviously not convinced with Najib's shady responses.

While the crowds flocked to the more attention- grabbing, avant-garde costumes, these Bersih 4 supporters still managed draw attention with their unique face masks

Bersih supporters in jaundiced Guy Fawkes Mask

Image via Judith Yeoh, SAYS

And homo sapiens weren't the only ones dressed in yellow yesterday

This adorable Siberian husky garnered the attention of the crowd with a Bersih t- shirt wrapped around its body.

Bersih 4 rally drew some 200,000 supporters yesterday and it is set to go on till late tonight. For latest developments on Bersih 4, read up here:

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