'Big Aunty' And 11 Other Names Malaysian Girls Have For Their Periods


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Remember when we first got our period and we weren't sure if we could say the word out loud?

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And trust us, we can get super creative with describing this monthly sabotage on our uterus without letting people know that we're bleeding a lot down there.

Here are some of the common nicknames we have for our period:

1. The dai yi ma (Cantonese for big aunty), who's more garang than all your aunties combined

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2. Aunt Flo, who likes to show up uninvited

3. Datang bulan, which usually *datang*s full force

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4. Cuti, but not the nice kind of cuti :(

5. The Niagara Falls... of blood

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6. Bleeding Love, because you just keep bleeding

I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding...

7. ABC, which stands for "Allah Bagi Cuti"

8. TOTM, the Time Of The Month

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9. Bendera merah, because it's a big red problem

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10. Jepun... have you seen their flag?

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11. Ji mui (Cantonese for sister), but the annoying kind of ji mui

12. AV, which stands for "Aunty Visiting"

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This name was made popular by the Hong Kong film 'Summer Movie', which was shot in Pulau Redang starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Jen. 

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Some helpful #period facts that you should know: