This Girl Tried To Eat Corn with A Spinning Drill And Failed In The Worst Way Possible


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In what must be one of the most excruciating videos you'll watch today, a girl from China tried her luck at eating corn from a rotating power drill

Corn on a drill.

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The video which was uploaded to Facebook on 7 May is going viral, with over 150k likes and 700k shares.

The 17 seconds long footage began with the girl opening her mouth and devouring the corn as it spinned in front of her

We think those things flying towards the camera are pieces of corn, but we can’t be absolutely certain they’re not teeth either.

That's when everything turned nasty. The girl's hair gets caught in the spinning drill, which quickly got entangled in her hair

Girl, next time please tie your hair.

She tried to push the drill away... but it's already too late. A huge chunk of hair has been ripped out from her head.

What is even crazier is that the girl didn't scream or react in any way. Her expression remained calm as she leaned in towards the camera to inspect the exposed scalp.

Watch the full video here and be prepared to lose your appetite:

A later video uploaded by Liveleak shows the girl being treated by a doctor, who assured her that she’ll be fine. The bad news? Her hair is going to take years to grow back.

Girl, we hope it was all worth it.

Moral of the story - stick to eating corn with your hands or in a cup, guys!

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Oh, and please don't try this at home.

China has been in the spotlight recently for all the wrong reasons...

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