People Are Having A Blast Turning The Go-Jek 'Kidnapping' Incident Into Funny Memes & Ads

"Unlock the door, he's taking hostage of me!"

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On 31 January, a Go-Jek driver in Singapore made headlines after uploading a video of a passenger claiming that he was kidnapping her during a ride

Image via Facebook

In the seven-minute viral video posted on Facebook, the woman claimed that the driver, Kamaruzzaman Abdul Latiff, was intentionally taking Singapore's electronic toll gantries (ERP) in order to cheat her for more money.

Image via Facebook

"He locked the door! Unlock the door, he's taking hostage of me!" she screamed, despite the driver and a police officer explaining to her that the door locks automatically.

 "Is it because I'm Chinese?" she added.

Amused by the fact that the woman could not comprehend that modern cars have an auto-lock feature, netizens have been on a meme-making frenzy ever since

Not to miss out on a priceless marketing opportunity, brands have also jumped on the bandwagon with cheeky ads about their lock features

The Singaporean Air Force also made a reference to the viral video in a Facebook post about Chinese New Year.

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