People Are Going Crazy Over This Super Good-Looking Security Guard At Changi Airport

Be still, my beating heart.

Cover image via Changi Airport

Meet Lee Minwei. He's a security guard at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Image via Changi Airport

The 22-year-old is a Corporal in the Auxiliary Police Force at Certis Cisco, a private armed security agency.

He has quickly become an Internet sensation after he went viral for his dashing looks

Image via Twitter

One Twitter user Anna, (@AnnaJiang_) tweeted photos of Lee recently - all suited up in his uniform - while he was on duty.

Even when the photos are not of the best quality, netizens were quick to notice how good-looking he is. Needless to say, some completely lost it when they saw a photo of him smiling at the camera.

Image via Twitter

Since there's so little known of him, it's a good thing that Changi Airport took the liberty to share some information about the new superstar

Sharing on their official Facebook page, Changi Airport told fans that Lee Minwei has been working at the airport for the past seven months. According to the post, Lee said it has been an interesting experience, especially after he rose to popularity online.

"There are times when tourists ask me to take photos with them, but I never expected something like this to happen. It was really quite a shock," Lee was quoted as saying.

He also revealed where he got his good looks from.

"My friends and family tease me a lot, but I have a feeling my younger brother is slightly jealous. I think my three siblings and I are all attractive in our own way. We took after our parents' good looks – my mother has really beautiful eyes."

But this one last line from Lee is gold. And we bet there are many happy people out there after reading this today.

For those of you who are dying to know if he's attached, here's what Lee has to say: "I am single, but not actively looking for a relationship right now because I want to focus on my career. I believe things will happen naturally if it's meant to be, and if the right girl comes along."

We know that some of you may already be putting on your stalking caps, so this piece of information should interest you ;)

Image via Facebook

We wish everyone all the best for this "treasure hunt" adventure. :p

Image via ImgFlip

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