Heartbroken Groom Puts Wedding Package Up For Sale After His Bride Left Him

The package comes with some free perks too.

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Poor guy.

An unnamed Singaporean groom-to-be has put his wedding package at a 5-star hotel for sale on Carousell after the love of his life eloped and ditched him at the very last minute.

Image via Carousell

The heartbroken man's buddy put up the listing dated 17 August 2017 called "Run Lion" on the online marketplace.

The term "Run Lion" loosely translates to "zou shi" or "zao sai", which also means "to elope".

The asking price for the package is SGD28,888 (around RM90,800) before tax. It includes 30 tables with the deposit fully paid.

Singaporean publisher Mothership said the offered price is actually pretty reasonable because dinners at a hotel like Marina Mandarin could easily run up to SGD2,000 (around RM6,200) for a table of 10 pax.

The package comes with some pretty flashy perks too

Image via Carousell

Free gowns and suits? And photographer? And wedding car?

We're surprised that nobody has snagged this awesome deal yet!

If all else fails, Carousell users have also been requested to introduce another potential partner for the groom-to-be to fall in love with, get married, and sail into the sunset

Image via Carousell

And if it matters, yes, there's a referral commission as well. :D

The listing has since received tremendous support while the groom-to-be and his group of brothers respect the eloped bride's decision

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"On behalf of the almost-groom-to-be, I want to thank all the support we have received. Please note that whatever I'm doing here is to help my friend to move on. Would like to let everyone know that our group of brothers respect the almost-bride-to-be's decision. We want to move forward and not dig dirt out from the carpet," the update reads.

Couples in Singapore on a budget or those with someone in mind to recommend, check out the listing here and help this hopeless romantic out.

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