Guy's Imagination Runs Wild At The Thought Of Organising #HimpunanMaruahIndia

"Just imagine the singing and dancing in the streets."

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After Bersih 4 and Himpunan Maruah Melayu, what's next? Umapagan from BFM seems to have the answer: #HimpunanMaruahIndia

#HimpunanMaruahIndia sounds really fun. Guess which special guest would be there?

A. R. Rahman

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As usual, there are a lot of uncertainties

Everything's still under control but more people are getting upset

At times, you're 'rally' filled with doubt

But all is well again when we reach a compromise

In any case, make sure you're ready with 10,000 coconuts

Also, it's important to take down these notes if you're going to the rally

In case you missed the memo, the gathering is set to take place on Deepavali eve and there will be two meeting spots...

The "ugly sculpture".

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No police or RELA, no medical team, no lawyers, and no bills. #HimpunanMaruahIndia only wants gold.

#HimpunanMaruahIndia also reminds everyone that equality does exist

Again, the confusion among people are creating chaos

There are various challenges but the show must go on

Ultimately, good things will come to those who wait!

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end

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Meanwhile, entertain yourself with these memes from this emo rally-goer:

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