Hiring Someone To Drink Your Boba For You Is Now A Thing In China

"I will bear your health risks for you."

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily

Obsessed with boba but scared of gaining weight from it?

The latest trend in China is for you.

Image via Apple Daily

Apple Daily reported that the 'service' has been going viral on the Chinese online shopping website Taobao.

The person you hire will send you a video describing the boba in all aspects

According to Sin Chew Daily, the video will show the person describing the colour of the boba, the ingredients used, sugar level, and the taste of the drink

The 'drinkers' also claim that they will not recycle their videos, as each of them contain a date stamp. 

One of the 'offers' on Taobao.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

One of the 'offers' found on Taobao reads, "Don't worry about gaining weight, high blood sugar, or high blood pressure... I will bear your health risks for you". 

"I can send you a video, I guarantee it will look like you were eating it yourself," the 'offer' reads.

One 'drinker' revealed that she decided to join in on the trend as it turns her love for boba into a job

"(I charge) RMB2 (approximately RM1.20) for drinks with high sugar levels, and an extra RMB3 (approximately RM1.80) if the drink is more than 550ml," the woman told Apple Daily.

Meanwhile, another 'drinker' said that she charges extra - RMB0.50 (approximately RM0.30) - for every minute spent queuing for the drink if there is a long line.

Other 'drinkers' also revealed that the 'service' they provide helps maintain their boba obsession while training themselves in writing food reviews.

A video showing how the 'service' is provided can be viewed here:

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Although the trend has not arrived in Malaysia, you can get your own boba fix at these places:

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