People Actually Wear These Flag-Themed Underwear In Public


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Nine cheeky Australians made headlines over the weekend when they were arrested for stripping down to their Jalur Gemilang-themed briefs at the F1 Grand Prix in Sepang

The men, all of whom are in their 20s, were arrested on Sunday for taking off their clothes to celebrate the victory of Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo.

While it's pretty much common knowledge that wearing any country's flag as clothing is disrespectful, did you know that some people actually think it's patriotic to wear flag-themed underwear? No wonder these things exist:

Note: Pictures may be NSFW. Proceed with caution!

1. Not only do Australian men wear "budgie smugglers" a.k.a. tight briefs featuring their national flag to the beach, they pair it with a similarly-themed towel

2. What better way to celebrate freedom than wearing USA flag underwear on Independence Day?

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3. So that's what members of the Royal Guard are hiding underneath their iconic uniform - even more iconic Union Jack boxer briefs

Image via The Gaily Grind

4. "God save the Queen"? More like "God save the England flag"...

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5. Flying your national flag on the mountaintops is too mainstream. Cover your crotch with the Wales flag instead!

6. O Canada, what are your briefs doing between this guy's teeth?

7. Can't say much about the Cuban flag briefs, but we sure are thirsty for them buns. ;)

Image via Speedo Musings

8. Is this what Brazilian men wear under their football kits? :p

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9. The Singaporean water polo team sure has some interesting motifs on their swimming trunks...

10. The Philippines flag gets a swimwear fashion makeover in this men's beauty pageant

11. We thought South Koreans have impeccable fashion sense... until we saw this pair of briefs

Image via Pinterest

12. Japanese flag-themed underwear. 'Nuff said.

What other flag-themed underwear or swimming have you come across? Show us some pics in the comments section below! :p

Think these flag-themed underwear are weird? Wait 'til you see these ridiculous swimsuits people wear to the beach:

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