Rosmah Is 28 And Other Malaysian Politicians And Celebs Who Don't Look Their Age...

How old lah?

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A few days ago, Microsoft launched a new tool called It guesses a person's age based on a photo of their face. Like this:

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That's me, while I'm not Malaysian and neither famous, I'm also NOT 41! I'm 28.

While its accuracy is comically spotty, it quickly became a viral hit.
So we decided to use the app to guess the age of some of Malaysia's public figures, from politicians to celebrities to anyone who is famous. For context, we'll put their real age alongside!

First off, our PM is actually 61 years old, while Rosmah is 63

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Yes, Rosmah is 30! On our second attempt, Rosmah is STILL in her 30's!

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While Anwar may be plagued with a slew of challenges as of late, the app thinks he looks nine years younger. His actual age is 67!

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This came as a shocker. Our Youth and Sports Minister isn't even 40 yet :(

Let's try again...

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Much better. While this photo of him is from 2013, Khairy's actual age is 39!

Playing badminton for your country helps slow down ageing by eight years

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Datuk Lee Chong Wei is 32.

Nicol David is actually younger than Datuk Lee. Actual age: 31!

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Nurul Izzah is six years younger than her actual age. She is 34!

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Hannah Yeoh, Malaysia's first woman speaker for Selangor State Assembly, is actually much older than what the app guessed. She's 36. But we're sure she would love to be 19 again ;)

And Yeo Bee Yin's smile seems to have fooled the app!

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Her actual age is 31.

And a 51-year-old Tony doesn't like being a guy in his 30s

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Tony Pua seems to be saying the app could do better. He's 42.

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Now, what an 89-year-old Dr Mahathir wouldn't give to be...

Lim Guan Eng's age estimation is the most accurate so far!

Image via Bloomberg

Actual age: 54.

28-year-old Yuna has just turned a legal age...

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But 29-year-old Zee Avi is more 'senior'

Image via Wired

Wear your cap like Joe Flizzow to look 12 years younger!

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Actual age: 35.

Meanwhile, a 52-year-old Michelle Yeoh, who doesn't at all look 52, seems to be contemplating how to reverse her age to...

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Just before signing off, we gave Rosmah another try...

Image via Nasionalis

Have you tried the app yet? Share your results with us by posting them in the comment section our Facebook page, here

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