People Are Sharing How Their Pets Looked As 'Smol' Babies And My Heart Can't Take It

Hitting us right in the feels. :')

Cover image via @vidalarteaga23 (TiktTok)

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Having a bad day? This story is for you.

An adorable TikTok trend has people sharing their pet glow-ups and they'll definitely put a smile on your face.

The #myboochallenge, which has been around for a while now, starts with owners showing how their pets look currently, then reveals how they used to look when they were younger

One cat owner shared how her baby went from being a kitten to a mother...

... while other babies grew older and wiser :P

Several owners with more than one pet showed how their fur buddies grew up together and became best friends :')

Image via @jzyo3 (TikTok)

Are you crying? I am. 

I'm living for this trend. Aren't these the cutest glow-ups or what? ◕‿◕


Maxie glow up and yes that’s a mug in his tank (for shelter) #axolotl #fyp #foryoupage

original sound - syd

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