#Throwback: Remember How You Used to Connect to the Internet?

Happy Throwback Thursday! Here's one more reason to be thankful for the geniuses who made connecting to the Internet today a whole lot easier.

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First, you would need a personal computer (PC)

Personal Computer.

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You would also need a phone and a modem


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56K Message Modem.

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Then you would have to Connect To

Connecting to the Internet in the '90s.

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And wait for your Internet to dial-up... (this is something you HAVE to listen to)

Unsupported video platform

Some of us had to wait for our parents to go to bed to use the Internet

Internet in the 90s.

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Then surf on Yahoo! because it used to be only the most amazing thing

Mosaic web browser Yahoo!

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Or search for the lyrics to your favourite songs

Misheard lyrics.

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And then always have to reconnect to the Internet after getting cut off

Reconnecting to dial-up Internet.

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Today, we enjoy high-speed Internet services at home

P1’s 4G ForHome broadband is portable, instant, and fast 4G broadband that gives you double quota and up to 35GB per month and 10x faster internet connection than 3G broadband for your home with WiFi for sharing. Now it comes with free phone and voice service.

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Sesi Pengenalan P1 4G MiFi

Home broadband today can be portable and instant! Internet users enjoy 4G fast broadband and connection that is 10 times the speed of 3G broadband, complete with WiFi for sharing.

Celebration gif.

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We no longer have to wait for the Internet to dial-up and connect us through! We also don't have to be physically tied to the computer through a cable or wire!

We can even pack Internet to go! What a feeling!

ToGo™ MiFi: The small, lightweight yet powerful Personal 4G WiFi (MiFi) by P1 – the MF230 and the MX230.

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Internet is widely accessible in this day and age.

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With personal 4G WiFi, Internet addicts of this age can connect to the Internet on multiple gadgets like their smart phones, laptops and or tablets anywhere they are! Today we can use the phone AND Internet at the same time!

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