7 Malaysians Tell Us Their Secrets On How Their Nights Out Are Kickass

"Always end the night with a mamak session".

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1. Bring your whole squad to the party! The more friends, the merrier!

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Jon JS tells us that it's not a party without lots of people. "Let me tell you something, it ain't a party without people! The more friends, the merrier so do call all your friends for a great night out!"

2. Bring buddies who are really connected to lots of people

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On top of bringing loads friends to the party, Prakash KaZh suggests bringing those that are well connected instead. "There are those that can get us in the party, or an extra drink or two. Even if they don't know anyone, those with good haggling skills can get more value out of the party for us".

3. Always have a game plan, to go home safely of course

"The number one rule of having a hassle-free night is to have a game plan to go home safely" says Andrew, a 29-year old executive. "Therefore, try your best not to drive on the night of your party. Instead, get a friend or take public or ride sharing services to the event. Driving creates stress, wastes time, and puts a cap on the amount of fun you can have. You should be escorted to your destination. Remember, party responsibly! Especially after a night of drinking".

4. Set your expectations low and just go with the flow!

22-year-old Janice, a university student tells us that the major key to having a great night out is to not expect it. "Expectation is the #1 killer of fun. There's so many times where a lot of my friends are so hyped up by the party only to end the night early and disappointed. Therefore I learnt that if you don't expect anything, the night will turn out to be more fun." The best nights are the ones that are unplanned.

5. Always be on top of your game. Preparation is key!

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"Always be on the lookout for something that could disrupt your night! The slightest bit of disruption could set off a chain of events that could affect the entire night!" says Kunalan, an auditor. "A friend of yours has too many drinks and you get stuck taking care of them for the rest of the night: destroyed. You eat chilli pan mee before the party and you get a stomach ache later: destroyed. Always be on top of your game!"

6. Try not to keep track of the time

"A good night out is a night where time is non-existent." says Chloe, a 23-year-old marketer. "Don't keep track of the time, because it usually reminds you that you've got to be up early the next day. A truly great night should have you feeling no regrets, no darkness. Things end at the right time and you wake up happy instead of being embarrassed and hungover."

7. Always end the night with a mamak session

"There are parties, and then there are PARTIES" says Han, a 27-year-old lawyer. "And every Malaysian knows that the best after party is at the place where it's always open no matter what: the mamak. Everything tastes better after a party, be it that indomie goreng to the tosai telur. It's a good place to catch up and talk about what happened during the night and I don't think you can do this anywhere else in the world!"

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