Can You Even Attempt To Do What This Japanese Woman Did With 100 Slices Of Bread?

FYI, that's around 10,000 calories.

Cover image via Yuka Kinoshita

If you thought you have a huge appetite, you obviously have not met Yuka Kinoshita - a Japanese Youtuber who regularly uploads videos of her trying out extreme food challenges

"Mmm, pizzas!"

Image via Kotaku

YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita, who is based in Japan, regularly uploads videos of her undertaking unusual and extreme food challenges - and her latest endeavour is no exception.

In her latest food challenge, Yuka took up the challenge of consuming a whopping 100 slices of bread!

Image via Yuka Kinoshita

In the clip that has been viewed more than 600,000 times, she starts off by lining up 10 loaves of bread for the challenge

"Today I will be eating 100 slices of bread - Texas toast sized. I have 10 of these bags which contain 10 slices each," she said.

She eats the first slice as it is, before spreading butter, jam and other condiments to other slices

She pointed out that one loaf of bread is about 389 grams, so 100 slices would be 3.8 kilograms!

Mid-way through the video, Yuka complained of developing a sore jaw. We don't blame her, she's chowing down 100 slices of bread after all...

She told the camera: 'Halfway through my jaw got so tired I believe this was a tough challenge but I felt like I had to finish what I started, and well it was pretty tasty as well.'

She completes her challenge by spreading the remaining slices with toasted cheese, salt and pepper, which she said 'tastes like pizza'

She leaves us with a powerful message: ‘Everyone please eat some bread using all sorts of toppings.’

Check out the incredible video below. Proceed with caution though, you might just get hungry:

Way to go, Yuka! If only we had an appetite like yours...

Image via Giphy

… but that would mean 100 more hours in the gym.

Just curious...

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