11 Nostalgic Memories About The Ice Cream Man That '90s Kids Confirm Remember

We love you ice cream man! <3

Cover image via Butterkicap & @cuti_makan (Twitter)

If you grew up in Malaysia, you confirm have lots of fond memories of getting ice cream from the ice cream man!

Whether it was outside school, at the padang, or as he drove down our streets, seeing the uncle made us soooo happy 'cause it meant ICE CREAM TIMEEEE!

Now that we're all grown up, we can get ice cream whenever we want. We can even get it delivered!

Here are some nostalgic memories about the ice cream man you definitely remember:

1. Getting super excited when you hear the familiar jingle and RUNNINGGGGG to your gate to wait for him to pass by

Image via sherryrolan

Hearing 'Paddle Popppp, wow! Paddle Poppppp, yeah! Super duper yummy!' was our cue to go, go, go!

2. And if you terlepas him, you'll be emo for the rest of the day :(

Image via Butterkicap

Come back uncle, come baccccckkkk!

Lucky nowadays, we can order ice cream whenever we want and have it delivered straight to us, hehe ;) Order through phone, online, anything oso can. All our cravings can instantly be satisfied, yaaas!

3. Every ice cream man had their own combination of flavours, creating that iconic pretty, colourful scoop we loved so much

Image via Nicolekissdiet

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, jagung, which was your fave? :D

4. Some of us would get a mix of all flavours, while others always request for one specific flavour oni, hehe. Which one were you?

5. Debating whether to spend RM0.50 sen on one scoop or RM1 on a double scoop was the greatest dilemma of all time

6. Or if you're feeling particularly baller, you get the RM1.50 triple scoop or roti ais krim YAAAASSS <3

7. And if you're REALLY REALLY baller, you get something that comes in a packet fuyoohhhh!

Image via Reddit

Paddle Pop Rainbow was totally the best one okay, FIGHT ME!

Okay lah, the other Paddle Pop flavours were awesome too, like the Melon one. Magnum and Cornetto also quite onz. Omg omg and the Wall's Solero Lime! Aiyo, everything also nice lah!

8. Are y'all Team Sprinkles or Team Plain? We're Team Sprinkles all da waaaayyy!


9. When he drives through the padang, everyone drops what they're doing and runs over

Image via Nicolekissdiet

Some of us had to BEGGGG our parents to let us buy ice cream. Please, mummy/daddy? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEAAAASEEEEE! cue puppy dog eyes

10. Ain't no one more popular than the ice cream man outside school. Always got crowd around him one.

Ice cream from the ice cream man > any after school snack!

11. Anyone else ever skip eating during rehat just so you can buy ice cream after school instead? Not just us, right?

We love you ice cream man! Thanks for making our childhood so awesome <3

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